Welcome To The Mauritius Circular Migration Database - MCMD
The MCMD is an online job matching tool which is designed to match labour supply with demand of foreign employers.
The main functions of the MCMD are to register Mauritians who are interested in temporary employment abroad and to enable employers to make an online selection of candidates who best suit their desired profile.
The MCMD is in fact a permanent database which offers a pool of potential Mauritian employees with a variety of qualifications, skills, experience and interests. This tool expedites the selection process, therefore making recruitment in Mauritius more competitive and cost effective

Circular Labour Migration

Policy in Mauritius
Circular Labour Migration is one of the successful strategies adopted by the Government of Mauritius (GoM) in its economic re-structuring policy in order to diversify the economy and react to multiple shocks (reduced sugar prices, higher oil prices, etc.) that have impacted on the Mauritian economic model.
The Circular Labour Migration programme aims primarily at empowering low and semi skilled Mauritian workers. The policy of GoM in encouraging circular migration is twofold; providing for temporary well trained labour on the international market and enabling the Mauritian workforce to benefit from professional experience in a new work environment so as to build new capacities in Mauritius on their return.
In this context, the National Empowerment Foundation (NEF), the leading inter-governmental organization is providing its full support to GoM in developing Circular Labour Migration projects and tools such as the MCMD which makes recruitment in Mauritius more competitive and cost effective.


The Empowerment Programme was voted under the 2006-2007 in a context of economic reform in the country.  Imposed for a period of 5 years (until 2011) and with a budget of about Rs 5 billion,  the NEF became operational July 7, 2006 with the establishment of its Executive Committee (steering committee).

Given the breadth of activities and the need for more flexible decision-making and implementation of programs, The National Empowerment Foundation was created in July 2008. The organization of this new public, non-profit company, responsible for guiding and implementing the Empowerment Programme, improves the functioning of the institution, to strengthen and professionalize its staff.

Since the entry into force of the government budget in July 2009, and for the sake of consistency, The NEF has been assigned the task of coordinating existing programs and organizations,  additional to the Empowerment Programme (which gathers for its programs of Placement and Training, help for unemployed women, Integrated Social Development and Support for Entrepreneurship).   It consists of Program for the Eradication of Absolute Poverty (EAP), of Trust Fund for the Social Integration of Vulnerable Groups (TFSIVG),  of Decentralised Cooperation Programme (DCP), of National committee Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and, finally, the representative body of the NEF in Rodrigues.  This assessment allows the actions implemented on the ground to be better coordinated, more efficient and sustainable.


How the MCMD works

Once candidates are registered in the MCMD, their Résumé will be shared with employers during the selection process.

Foreign employers whose labour recruitment project has been endorsed by GoM will be able to carry out an online selection. They will have the possibility of short listing candidates according to their desired profile, holding interviews, making the final selection, following up on the status of visa applications and pre departure training/orientation.

The National Empowerment Foundation (NEF – http://www.nef.mu) and the governmental partner will provide all assistance throughout the selection process and any additional information required at all stages of the process.

Candidate Area

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Candidates should be 21 years old to register in the MCMD

The Database for Mauritians Seeking Employment Abroad, known as the MCMD has been designed to register Mauritians who are interested in employment opportunities abroad. Once your registration is validated, your data will enter the database and will be shared with potential foreign employers, when required. In addition, before engaging in any Labour Migration project, the approval of the Government of Mauritius has to be obtained.


Employer Area

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Foreign employers interested in recruiting Mauritians should make a formal request to GoM through NEF and submit information/documents such as:

  • Company profile & Business Registration number
  • Letter of Intent
  • Profile of candidates/Selection criteria
  • Contract of employment.

In most cases a Labour Migration Agreement is entered into between all parties involved in the implementation of the Labour Migration Project (LMP) so that roles, responsibilities and budget allocation are clearly defined (for example a trilateral agreement between GoM, NEF and Employer). NEF will monitor closely the procedure and guide employers throughout the process.
Once the LMP is formalized, NEF will register the employer and create an employer page in the database and send the latter a username and password which can then be used to carry out the online selection process. When the employer logs in for the first time, he/she will have to agree to the Terms and Conditions applicable for carrying out the selection process through the database
Employers will be able to short list candidates according to their desired profile, carryout interviews, make a final selection, follow up on the status of visa applications and pre departure training/orientation.

NEF will provide all assistance and guidance throughout the selection process and any additional information required at all stages.